Various sketches preceding the chronicle.
Dates are unknown for the completion of these works.

Female in space - J Morbus

“Female in space” – J Morbus (Red pencil on paper)

Male in space - J Morbus

“Male in space” – J Morbus (Red pencil on paper)

Carcass in space - J Morbus

“Carcass in space” – J Morbus (Pencil on paper)

The shadow knows - J Morbus

“The shadow knows”- Jay Morbus (Pencil on paper)

The above four images preceded a deep interest in the art of Francis Bacon and may also act as a small homage. The figures have similarly been put into space, all flesh and meat displaying some form of anguish or turmoil.

Study of the innocent X after Velazquez - J Morbus

“Study of the innocent X (after Velazquez)” – J Morbus (Biro on paper)

This uncompleted study revisits the portrait of Pope Giovanni Battista Pamphilj by Velasquez, exploiting his hideous aspects by further externalizing his ugliness.

Or coincidence - J Morbus

“Or Coincidence” – J Morbus (Pen and ink on paper)

The above image was part of a small surreal graphic story submitted for a small press comic book. The comic abstractly illustrated the banality of modern western societal norms.

The watcher - J Morbus

“The Watcher” – J Morbus (Pencil on paper)

The solitary figure sits aloft a tower surveying an industrial landscape.
Silent observer or sentinel?