Circle of fifths

Circle of fifths - JMorbus

The circle of fifths can be a very useful tool for musicians and composers.

Ouroboros forms the circle and chaos it’s centre.
A slight variation to something practical.

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“Circle of fifths” – J Morbus (Pen and ink on paper)



Suicide - J MorbusAnother sketch on the subject of suicide.
This follows on from the work titled “Shotgun suicide“.

“Suicide” – J Morbus (Pen and ink on paper)

Shotgun suicide

Shotgun suicide by Jay Morbus

A literal title to reflect the simplicity of the sketch.

“Shotgun suicide” – J Morbus (Pen/Ink on paper)

The Ferryman of Acheron

The Ferryman of Acheron - Jay Morbus

Charon, at the helm of a vessel to ferry the dead, a lone cloaked figure adrift in a deep black abyss, guides his ship through the vacuous void, accompanied by the dull moans of lost souls brushing past the hull and left in it’s wake.

“The ferryman of Acheron” – J Morbus (Biro pen and ash on paper)


Wraith - J Morbus

Despite no certain etymology, the wraith can be translated from an early Scottish word for ghost, specter or spirit.

This image of a wraith was sketched approximately in the same time period as
The ferryman of Acheron“. This work was executed using a black biro on paper.

“Wraith” – J Morbus (Biro pen on paper)


Raven - J Morbus

A silhouetted image of a raven perched on a branch, with the moon looming behind.

This artwork is also available on T-shirts here:

“Raven” – J Morbus (Pen and ink on paper)