A pencil was placed into my hand the moment I was able to wield it and I have been creating ever since. I have had the opportunity to exhibit some works and have been involved in many creative adventures over the years, though I would consider this to be more of a labour of love. I am content to share.
Music, I consider to havea symbiotic relationship with art, the lines between the two often blur for me. My focus at present, is directed predominantly towards the exploration of sound: Vaeprism.
I have also begun experimenting with databending.
Processing in software not designed for images, I am seeking the beauty in error and the magic in mistake. I will return to the pen, pencil or brush inevitably.


The Chronicle (index/front) page contains a digital journal documenting the artworks chronologically, accompanied by some insight into each particular work presented.

The Preceding page highlights previous art not listed in the chronicle.
Works are categorized by medium (leather art, mural and sketch) which can be accessed individually by the drop down menu.

The Leather art page highlights the brief period in which  works were painted on to leather jackets, with paint specifically designed for leather. The same leather paint has been used on the work titled “Valley of Slaughter” (painted on goats hide).

The Mural page features a small collection of murals executed in acrylic on large scale.

The Sketch page illustrates a collection of past sketches in pencil, pen and ink, most with indeterminate dates to completion.

The Glitch page documents databending experiments with digital images.

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For correspondence, please use the contact link. This is connected to a personal email address and is checked regularly.

J Morbus on facebook: facebook.com/JayMorbus